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Poland's e-commerce market is experiencing significant growth, driven by the increasing popularity of e-commerce and online shopping. Several prominent delivery companies operate in Poland, offering a range of services from standard parcel delivery to express shipping and sustainable shipping. With a plethora of options available, selecting the most popular delivery service is not just a preference but a strategic necessity to meet customer expectations and ensure business success.

Meeting Polish e-commerce delivery expectations

Poland emerges as the largest and most enticing e-commerce market in Central and Eastern Europe. With a population of around 38 million, approximately 30 million individuals actively participate in online activities, shaping the country's dynamic digital environment. Among these online users, an impressive 77% are avid online shoppers.

A notable proportion of Polish shoppers express concerns about long delivery times and high shipping costs. According to a study by Gemius, a remarkable 83% of Polish e-shoppers highlight that the availability of same-day delivery would be a compelling incentive to increase their online shopping.

In another study conducted by Allegro, data revealed that when it comes to cross-border transactions sales decrease significantly if the delivery time exceeds more than 7 days. Speed and reliability in meeting purchasing expectations play a crucial role in Poland.

Guide for Cross-Border E-Commerce in the European Union

In response to these customer demands, more and more companies are strategically locating their stock closer to end consumers. This may involve the use of warehouses within the country or in nearby locations. By having a warehouse close to Poland and working with reliable parcel services for Polish customers, you can guarantee a smooth delivery to buyers, thus improving customer satisfaction and potentially reducing the overall cost of cross-border logistics.

By combining byrd warehouse infrastructure, partnerships with parcel delivery companies, and advanced technology, we empower e-commerce businesses to succeed in the competitive Polish market by meeting customer expectations for fast and reliable delivery services.




The top six of the best parcel delivery services in Poland

The top six leading parcel delivery services in Poland, are renowned for their reliability, efficiency, and commitment to customer satisfaction. From established national postal services to innovative courier companies, these providers offer a range of delivery solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses and consumers in Poland's booming e-commerce market.

DPD Polska

DPD Polska is part of DPDgroup and has been operating in Poland since 1991. Its headquarters are located in Warsaw, cementing its strong presence in the country's capital. 

DPD Polska has consolidated its position as a major player in the Polish courier market, leveraging DPDgroup's extensive resources and global network to deliver exceptional service to customers across the country. This is demonstrated by surveys indicating that 37% of Polish buyers selected DPD Polska as their preferred carrier in 2023.

DPD employs over 6,000 individuals, including couriers, who contribute to its operations; and it operates an extensive network of more than 2,600 pickup and drop-off points, catering to the needs of individual customers and smaller enterprises across the country. In 2022 alone, DPD facilitated the delivery of over 260 million parcels, highlighting its scale and efficiency in serving the Polish market.


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Well known for its extensive network of automated parcel services, InPost offers convenient and efficient delivery solutions for both businesses and consumers, which has made it very popular with Polish customers. So much so that 33% of customers choose InPost when shopping online, highlighting its strong presence and preference among Polish consumers.

Founded in 1999, InPost provides delivery services through a network of more than 20,000 automated parcel machines (APMs), along with door-to-door courier and fulfillment services for e-commerce merchants. In 2022, InPost experienced a significant expansion in the parcel market, by processing a 20% increase in parcels handled, which reached a total of 892.1M parcels delivered.

Since 2021, InPost has joined forces with Mondial Relay, resulting in immediate incremental growth in profits and cash flow, accelerating its goal of becoming Europe's leading automated out-of-home solution for e-commerce.

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DHL Group recently opened a major logistics center in Robakowo, located halfway between Berlin and Warsaw. The goal of this decision is to improve service quality and speed up delivery times to customers. The commitment to protecting the environment is very important for DHL; and in Poland it is implementing strategies to reduce its ecological footprint, aligning with its global initiatives to minimize environmental impact and promote sustainable practices throughout its operations.

DHL operates with nearly 8,000 employees and couriers in 42 units across Poland, it also offers 18,000 ServicePoints and services like parcel pickup, insurance, Saturday delivery, and COD. DHL holds its position as the third most chosen courier service by Polish customers.

In addition, DHL offers services such as DHL Express, although with limited availability. Market trends indicate an expected improvement in both the market and services by 2024.

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Poczta Polska

Poczta Polska, known as the Polish Post, is Poland's leading national postal service provider, with a long tradition that goes back to its foundation in 1558. Operating through strategic partnerships with international postal organizations and courier companies, Poczta Polska facilitates the seamless cross-border delivery of mail and parcels, ensuring efficient connectivity on a global scale.

With a network of more than 17,000 collection points across the country, Poczta Polska facilitates parcel collection by offering pick-up points, at home or the parcel machine. Supported by a workforce of 70,000 employees, the company remains committed to providing reliable postal solutions. In 2020, Poczta Polska won top honors in the courier company category in the prestigious TOP Brand competition, strengthening its reputation as a trusted and esteemed brand in the industry.

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With a solid infrastructure of 50 warehouses and more than 2,600 vehicles, GLS guarantees fast and reliable package deliveries nationwide. In addition to standard services, GLS offers ExpressParcel, which guarantees next-business-day delivery. The company also offers convenient cash-on-delivery options, accepting cash or cashless methods such as card payment and BLIK (a payment system in Poland). 

GLS has over 6,200 parcel stores across Europe ensuring enhanced accessibility for its services. To increase convenience, GLS offers FlexDelivery service, which notifies customers in advance and offers several delivery options, including delivery details and estimated times, increasing satisfaction and reducing service efforts. With its wide range of services and advanced options, GLS continues to be a leader in parcel delivery excellence in Poland.

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UPS, which initially entered the Polish market in 1992 through a service partner named "PPS Polkurier," solidified its presence in Poland with the acquisition of PPS Polkurier in March 2001.

UPS's delivery services in Poland include door-to-door shipping across the country, ensuring timely delivery. With a focus on time-sensitive parcels, UPS offers next-business-day delivery to most business areas within Poland. The parcel delivery company employs approximately 3,000 employees and operates more than 1,700 subcontractor vehicles in Poland. Additionally, UPS boasts over 2,500 UPS Access Point locations spread throughout the country, ensuring convenient access for customers. These Access Point shops typically feature extended working hours, providing increased flexibility for both customers and recipients.

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How byrd can help you meet Polish customers' expectations?

byrd's warehouse located across Germany plays a crucial role in meeting the demands of e-commerce businesses, especially those catering to the Polish market. With Poland experiencing significant growth in online shopping, byrd's strategic warehouse locations ensure swift and efficient order fulfillment for businesses targeting Polish customers. By leveraging its warehouse infrastructure, we enable businesses to store their inventory closer to end consumers, facilitating faster delivery times and reducing shipping costs.

Furthermore, our partnership with leading courier companies such as DHL and GLS enhances its delivery capabilities in Poland. Collaborating with DHL and GLS allows us to tap into their extensive networks and expertise in parcel delivery, ensuring reliable and timely shipments to Polish customers. By offering seamless integration with these courier services, byrd streamlines the shipping process for businesses, providing end-to-end logistics solutions that meet the expectations of both businesses and consumers.