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In the serene landscapes of New Zealand, Manuka Doctor's founder embarked on a mission to harness the essence of nature, crafting the finest, purest Manuka honey. This journey began with the acquisition of sustainable wild bushland, where honeybees roamed freely among Manuka bushes. Fast forward to today, his mission has now become a reality and you can now buy jars of honey online. A team of 20 hardworking beekeepers harvest the honey and make sure each jar fulfills the highest standards. Then, the honey starts its big trip starting in Hamilton, the honey is being transported by sea around the world.

Buzzing through BREXIT and the challenges of logistics

For years, Manuka Doctor's European operations flowed seamlessly from a B2C online shop, with distribution from the UK. Then came the whirlwind of BREXIT, turning the smooth sailing into choppy waters. Now it was time for a strategic rethink - a shift to European fulfillment was inevitable. This was the company's defining crossroads moment for a new logistics setup as they made the decision to outsource their operations to byrd.


What set byrd apart as the chosen fulfillment partner for the privately owned company Manuka Doctor? It was the seamless integration with Shopify Plus, enabling swift onboarding. But more importantly, it was the potential for growth within byrd’s expansive European fulfillment network as Manuka Doctor's business is scaling and has ambitious growth plans. The agility, transparency, and speed of the setup aligned perfectly with Manuka Doctor's aspirations, ensuring that the transition was smooth.

A quick and simple integration with Shopify Plus was important to us, after this the key factor was the ability to grow and take advantage of the byrd network as we scaled our business.

Ben Bethullis - E-commerce Manager

In addition, byrd’s customer portal provides invaluable insights, not merely into re-stocking processes and inventory levels, but also into compliance issues, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. On top of that, the all-in-one logistics tool enables them to accurately track batch information (Lot tracking) and BBE(best before the end) for every shipment that is going out, allowing the e-commerce business to be fully aware of the stock that is being shipped. As a result, the platform has enhanced the clarity and control they have over their e-commerce operations, ensuring that every move is informed and intentional.

For our products the ability to see batch information and BBE dates allows us to be fully aware of stock and what is being shipped.

Ben Bethullis - E-commerce Manager




Elevating the post-purchase experience with byrd and exploring new growth opportunities

Manuka Doctor to entrust a crucial part of their brand experience to their logistics partner, byrd, has elevated the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Through this partnership, orders reach customers with remarkable speed while minimizing picking errors and as a result, ensuring a seamless customer experience.  


byrd is making our expansion easier and their reliable performance gives us the confidence that our customers will receive their parcels quickly and get the right item.

Ben Bethullis - E-commerce Manager



With byrd having underpinned their reliability and performance, Manuka Doctor felt confident taking the next steps in order to expand business in Europe - launching new online shops for the Dutch and French markets. The ease of setup with byrd’s European fulfillment network and open lines of communication ensured that expansion wasn't a daunting endeavor but rather a path of promise. In this collaborative partnership, byrd has become a steady, reliable foundation, a partner whose presence ensures stability and trust in distribution operations. 

We see byrd as a stable part of our operation. The support is friendly, responsive, and always happy to help.   

Ben Bethullis - E-commerce Manager 


Looking ahead, Manuka Doctor envisions a thriving European presence and being in a position to deliver their high-quality products to more customers across countries. Even if, more websites and broader market reach also come along with new challenges, byrd will continue helping to master their cross-border fulfillment. Not only to ensure the best possible customer experience but also to enable them to optimize their e-commerce operations costs. 

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