Maintaining customer loyalty covers several aspects and one of them is undoubtedly the returns policy. Returns are part of the customer's shopping experience and for this reason, they should be easy. In this article, we explain in detail what the customer is looking for in this returns policy and how you as a company can benefit from it.

Why is it important to take care of the return policy?

A high-level return policy will help you continue to grow as an online store and create loyalty towards your customers. If the customer needs to return the product for any reason, it is essential that the return process with you will be easy and you will not put obstacles in their way. 

Here are some important facts to help you understand what most customers expect when it comes to returns:

  • 84% of shoppers buy again at the same place if the process of returning the product is simple. 
  • 67% of people make a purchase only if the return policy seems favorable to them.

As we have explained in previous articles, optimized and strategic reverse logistics can increase your sales and retain your customers; and that is exactly what you want to reach.

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What do customers look for in a return policy?

If you know what your customer wants it will be easier to adjust your policy. Not only is it important that the customer receives a notification when their return is received and that they can get their money back (or a voucher) in a short time; there are other essential details that make the difference between a good return experience and a bad one. Here are 3 main reasons for what the customer is looking for in a return policy.

1. Focus on a policy that meets the needs of your customers

There are stores like Walmart, in the United States, that accept products even when they have been opened and often even used, but this type of returns are not always profitable and apply to all stores, especially e-commerce. Here are some tips that could help as a basis for you:

  • Most return policies have exceptions. Do not hesitate to put yours, there are products that for hygiene reasons cannot be returned, explain why in the product description.
  • Provide enough days for the customer to make a decision whether to return a product or not. For example, in Germany, Zalando has a return policy of 100 days. It has been proven that the longer the customer stays with the product the more they develop a bond and ultimately decide to keep it…. So why not give it a try?
  • Summarize in a few words what your policy consists of, if you make something extremely long the client will rarely take the time to read it. Demonstrate that your return policy and the process with you are simple and clear.

2. The return label has more potential than you think

Not only do you make it easier for the customer to return the product by giving them already the label inside their package, but you can also use that slip of paper for the customer to give you their reasons why they are returning a certain product. 

The more summarized details you provide, the better. Depending on the product you can ask specific questions, such as if the pants were too big or small. This will help you with the following:

  • If the product did not match the description, you can make the necessary updates so this mistake doesn't happen again.
  • If the product does not meet expectations, and you notice a frequency of product returns, you can come out with a sales strategy for it.

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In case the customer has given you a reason for their return, we encourage you to make a suggestion. For example, if they ordered the wrong size, you can make them take a small quiz about their size and offer the correct one… and even make suggestions on their future purchases.

3. Packaging is key

Let your customers know they can use the packaging to return their product. Customers are looking for ease and speed; provide packaging designed to facilitate returns. This means:

  • Use packaging robust enough to withstand two trips (round trip).

  • Place double-stick tape on the packaging. By doing this you ensure that your products arrive safely at your warehouse as they will be tightly sealed.

byrd Return Portal

With our portal, you can cover some aspects to make your customer's return experience a smooth one. Here are some of these aspects:

  • Our portal can be customized to your brand, adding the colors, logo, etc of your e-commerce.
  • Allows customers to print labels themselves (avoid unnecessary use of paper if no return is needed).
  • Customers can provide feedback on the reasons for their return; reasons are easily trackable (keeping an overview is simple).
  • Reduce pressure on customer support.
  • Full transparency for all parties involved.

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Take a closer look at our return portal


Let's face it! The returns will never go away. For this reason, with the correct return policy returns you can improve profit and create customer loyalty to your e-commerce. It is very important that returns are as easy as the shopping experience. 

Make sure that all information is clear and visible to your customer. This way you avoid misunderstandings, you don't create secrets between you and the customer and you increase the conversion rate.