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The Swiss company IMDia has been active in the e-commerce market for several years and operates a total of over 10 online stores in 28 languages. Its goal is to bring high-quality products from offline retail to online retail and make them more easily available to consumers, while at the same time giving manufacturers the opportunity to tap into new target groups. The focus is primarily on nutritional supplements and health care & beauty products, which have enjoyed great popularity in e-commerce in recent years. 

Challenges in finding the right fulfillment partner

Before IMDia switched to byrd, the e-commerce agency worked with the Otto spin-off ODC (ondemandcommerce), which was discontinued by the group in 2021 (more on this here - DE only). Therefore, they were forced to quickly find a reliable fulfillment partner that could sustainably and reliably support the business. The following factors were particularly important: 


How byrd supports international e-commerce growth

After contacting and comparing several e-commerce logistics service providers in Europe, the choice finally fell on byrd due to the factors mentioned above. When asked if there was one deciding factor, Wiegand, who is a partner in the agency, replies, "Besides the technological expertise and the international fulfillment network, byrd's reliability and precision convinced me."


As a company with Swiss roots, the subject of precision plays an important role for us. With byrd, we have found a professional fulfillment service provider that meets these challenges.

He also adds, "With our direct contact at byrd, we can resolve any matters quickly." For example, the company wanted to restock several products to Italy to reduce shipping time. Due to sales tax challenges, they decided to stop the transfer and instead switch to DHL's shipping service, Warenpost 2.0, which reduced delivery costs by 60% while improving delivery rates. Through byrd's flexibility, they were able to improve logistics costs and the post-purchase experience, which also has a positive impact on conversion rates.

Besides the technological expertise and the international fulfillment network, I was convinced by byrd's reliability.

Through the seamless interface with Plentymarkets, the company can seamlessly automate order processing for all channels and benefit from one-stop logistics. Another important channel is the Amazon marketplace, where the company relies on fulfillment by merchant (FBM) for its products. Due to the fast delivery times, this shipping strategy has a positive effect on the performance on Amazon, because the products are displayed preferentially and the bounce rate is minimized.

Outlook for a long-term partnership

Despite the challenging macroeconomic environment, IMDia continues to be on course for success with its e-commerce business and sees Europe-wide potential for its entrepreneurial strategy. In the future, internationalization is to be driven forward together with byrd at its side. In addition, new product categories are planned that will further increase the sales potential. It is crucial that these can be sold profitably to online shoppers, which requires efficient e-commerce logistics, which is provided by byrd. 

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