Every season e-commerce faces new challenges, whether it is the last mile, the customer journey, how to make sure that the product arrives in good condition and quickly to the customer, etc ... All these topics are constantly improving for online businesses, the question we ask ourselves now is whether there are other trends for e-commerce 2023?  Which ones should you focus on as an online business and where will we see the same trends like 2022? Here we explain what has changed and what has stayed the same.

Trends 2022 are still on or have they changed?

Well, clearly they have changed because we are now out (or half out) of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, due to the war in Europe the costs across the continent, and globally, have increased and we have all been affected in one way or another. 

For these 2023 trends focus on savings, your customers will focus on must-have products and they will be selective with everything they add to their shopping cart. So, keep in mind the e-commerce trends 2022, because we recommend you mix them with the 2023 trends.

5 E-commerce Trends for 2023

Now the key for 2023 is to retain your customers and create strategies that adjust to this inflation. And at the same time, you must be very creative and not get stuck in traditional e-commerce sales. For this reason, we have divided this section into two parts, in one you will find information on how keeping your customers will be key to surviving the inflation of 2023. The second part will explore how to make your online store continue to grow through technology.

Keeping customers and adjusting to 2023 trends

1. A wider payment options can boost conversion rates

Remember when we told you that we have all been affected by inflation? This certainly includes your customers, so creating payment methods that adjust to the current situation is key. Some companies offer the famous Payment-After-Delivery; this could help your customers to organize their purchases with their salaries and thus keep the retention rates and the customer conversation stable. 

Also, don't forget to offer centralized payments, or cryptocurrency payments, it is predicted that by 2025 mobile/digital wallets will account for 53% of all e-commerce transactions; so we recommend you get started.

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2. Discounts are important but are they still worth it?

It is true that it will always be motivating to receive one or another discount when making purchases. However, this is no longer a priority for many customers, especially if their shopping experience is negative. So there is no point in offering thousands of discounts if the product they have bought is of poor quality, arrives late and in case of a return, the process is difficult. 

Focus more on your customer having a satisfying and easy shopping experience and offer discounts to these customers who are subscribed to your store. 

3. Reward your loyal customers

Now more than ever, you need to focus on retention rather than acquisition. It is predicted that by 2023, more retailers will not just implement loyalty programs, but make them a central part of the user journey. So focus on key aspects that are tailored to your customer base. If you know that some of your customers are willing to pay extra for rewards, you can launch a premium program for them.

Keep in mind that if your customers are happy with the advantages, offers, and benefits they have through the loyalty program 87% will continue to choose your online store and are likely to recommend you to their family and friends.

Creativity and easy purchases through technology are still in place

4. Voice search continues to grow

Every day more and more people have voice assistants and perform voice searches. Voice searches are more precise, for this reason, it is important that you maintain a formal and clear tone on your website, especially when describing a product. We recommend that:

  • Use keywords to describe your products 
  • Answers questions concisely
  • Write attractive and optimized content for the meta description

According to Bing, voice searches are 3.7 times faster than typing. And keep in mind that the largest e-commerce audience is still millennials and they are more likely to use voice assistants

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5. Social media still more present than ever

The goal of having social networks for your e-commerce is to make your brand known, advertise to specific users, sell products, improve and expand customer service, start conversations and create communities.

We recommend that you keep the following networks under the spotlight:

  • Tik Tok Shopping as it is an app that allows mobile shopping and aims to create a more innovative e-commerce by 2023.
  • Twitter is also expected to make more strategies to drive e-commerce on its platform by 2023. 


The future of e-commerce continues to grow and promises a lot. The trends of 2022 will still be around for 2023, so don't overlook them and improve them according to the needs of your business. Automation and artificial intelligence will help you reduce costs; customer preferences will continue to change constantly but without a doubt comfort and simplicity when making a purchase is still key. 

Also as the economy works its way through high inflation and budget cuts you are going to need solutions and strategies to keep your customers happy. It's important to keep moving and not get stuck in traditional ways of selling.