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sober was founded in 2017 by Simon Schier and Philipp Roth. Two ambitious entrepreneurs, originally from the domain of online marketing. When the two founders took a closer look at the market for men's care products, they came to one obvious conclusion: While the market, which is flooded with women's products that have a suitable solution for every problem, this is not the case for men. Also, the offered products often do not live up to their promises. Simon and Philipp were also unwilling to settle for defective products and were convinced that they could do better. So they started to develop their own face cream that helps against rings and bags under the eyes.

Sober products

For perfectly well-kept men's skin.

The result of this ambitious project? A high-quality face cream that delivers what it promises and can be conveniently ordered from the e-commerce store! This was made possible with the help of Prof. Schirner, a renowned expert with many years of research experience. He joined the team in the course of product development and significantly contributed to the success of the growing product range. The great demand led to the search for a logistics service provider right from the start in order to focus on the core competencies of the company instead of having to handle the tedious logistical processes themselves.

Sober products

Grow together.

When asked why the choice finally fell on byrd, co-founder Simon Schier answers: "For us, byrd was the supplier who not only acted uncomplicated and fast but was also able to understand our requirements as a start-up. Not only the flexibility in the operational area but also the scalable fee model were convincing arguments in choosing the right fulfillment service provider for cosmetics and beauty products. However, the flexible and seamless technical connection of the online shop to the byrd tool via API interface was particularly important to the company. For the two founders, this integration feels like "In-house Fulfillment".

We would notice an omission above all in the time that byrd currently saves us, since we don’t have to worry at all about packing and delivering parcels to the post office. This is a very big value for us.
- Simon Schier, Co-Founder

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One shipping tool for various requirements.

Thanks to the intuitive online tool, sober care can not only view stock levels and tracking at any time, but also the related costs. This makes it possible, among other things, to clarify queries from customers within the shortest possible time. In addition to the API interface for the fulfillment of orders from the online shop, the startup also appreciates the simple manual placement of extraordinary shipments, such as to influencers. Co-founder Simon Schier says: "This is extremely practical, as we don't have to store goods in our office in an inconvenient way. Besides saving space in the office, byrd also helps to save time, because the tedious packing and the way to the post office are completely eliminated. This gives entrepreneurs more time to focus on product development and drive business growth.


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