Organic products have earned a significant place in retail, and with the ascent of e-commerce, a growing number of online stores are embracing the organic sector. This encompasses a myriad of items such as food, cosmetics, and even pet food. For consumers, purchasing organic often denotes a high level of quality, aiding sellers in distinguishing themselves amidst a competitive market.

However, the act of selling organic products introduces its own set of challenges, both in storage and in the fulfilment process. There are distinct standards and protocols that are mandatory to adhere to when handling and dispatching these products, which we will unpack in this article.

What is Organic Product Fulfilment?

Organic product fulfilment refers to the meticulous considerations and specifications applied during the inbound, storage, picking, packing, and dispatch processes of organic products. These products often include food items, supplements, pet food, and cosmetics, each with a specific LOT tracking number and expiration date to ensure quality and safety.

What is LOT Tracking?

Lot Tracking is a system that allows users to monitor batches or ‘lots’ of products throughout the entire supply chain using identification labels. This means products can be traced from the supplier, through storage in a logistics centre, and finally, to shipping and receipt by the end customer. Consequently, LOT Tracking offers an invaluable end-to-end overview of a product’s journey.

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Considerations for Fulfilling Organic Products

When fulfilling organic products, strict standards are in place to prevent any mixing or swapping of organic items with non-organic ones. Identification of organic products must be ensured at every step – from transport to the warehouse, storage in the fulfilment centre, and during order fulfilment and dispatch.

To proficiently dispatch organic products, retailers and logistics centres must meet the following requirements:

  • Certifications of suppliers or producers
  • Warehouse certification from your own logistics centre or your fulfilment provider
  • Identification of organic products
  • LOT tracking and expiration date tracking

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Why Direct-to-Consumer Brands Choose byrd for the Fulfilment of Their Organic Products

byrd stands out with its robust pan-European fulfilment network, offering tech-enabled and scalable fulfilment solutions tailored for e-commerce enterprises. Within this logistics network, byrd extends its service portfolio to include fulfilment centres certified for handling organic products. Below, we outline the process of fulfilling organic products with byrd:

1, Provision of Certificates

As an e-commerce fulfilment partner, byrd requires an organic certificate from either the customers or the producer/supplier. This ensures we are well-prepared in the event of an inspection.

2, 2, Labelling the Product as Organic and Enabling LOT Tracking

When listing new products in byrd’s cloud-based fulfilment software, the merchant must designate the products as organic and activate LOT tracking. To facilitate easy identification, we suggest modifying the product naming correspondingly, as demonstrated in the provided screenshot.

creating organic products in the byrd software

3, Inbounding of Deliveries

The accurate counting of received organic products at the warehouse is crucial. Additionally, the accompanying delivery note must be attached and meet the following requirements:

  • Amount of packages and products included in the respective delivery
  • Charge number
  • Expiry date
  • Certificate of the supplier

Upon arrival, the warehouse must ensure that the delivery is neither damaged nor contaminated.

4, Transportation and Storage of Organic Goods: 

The movement of goods must preclude any potential manipulation or exchange of products. All warehouse staff need to be thoroughly trained in handling organic products, and designated storage areas should be clearly marked. Additionally, routine and well-documented hygiene measures are imperative to maintain the integrity of the organic goods.

5, Fulfillment of Organic Products

As soon as byrd receives an order that includes organic products, our tech-enabled fulfilment solution will make sure that orders are handled accordingly to meet consumers’ expectations.

Merchants Leveraging byrd for the Fulfilment of Their Organic Products

Your Super

Your Super is a rapidly evolving Direct-to-Consumer brand with a clear mission: to inspire people to embrace a healthier lifestyle with utmost simplicity. Established in 2015, the company has seen substantial international growth and expansion, significantly aided by byrd. Your Super retails healthy and organic supplements via its Shopify webshop to consumers in over 60 countries. Learn more about their journey and success story here.


Primal State

Primal State stands as one of the swiftly ascending start-ups in Germany and is a front-runner in the biohacking platform, focusing on holistic health and well-being within the DACH region. It hosts a varied team of scientists, psychologists, coaches, and adventurers, all united by a mission to concoct smart food products that harmonise the body superbly. In byrd, Primal State discovered a steadfast partner capable of meticulously fulfilling their organic products. Delve deeper into their success story here.

Interested in Our Organic Fulfilment Services?

If you are an online merchant of organic products and seek assistance with the fulfilment of your orders, we invite you to converse with one of our fulfilment specialists. Discover more about our scalable and fully-integrated solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of the dynamic e-commerce landscape, especially for those specialising in organic products.