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The projected revenue in the e-commerce market in Spain is expected to experience a steady increase from 2024 to 2028, reaching a cumulative total of 12.5 billion U.S. dollars. Considering the Spanish market as your new destination to sell via online marketplaces should be a must as they are still one of the most demanded channels for online shopping.

Please note that this is a selection of byrd sorted by monthly visitors. This selection is not guaranteed to be accurate and unique.

What is an online marketplace?

Marketplaces are classified mainly because they meet two criteria:

  • Consumers can purchase the products or services on the website or in the app.
  • They have a large number of buyers and sellers.

Also, purchases via computer and tablets are included in this definition. However, the following are excluded from the definition: digitally distributed services (e.g. travel tickets), online stores dedicated to downloading or streaming digital media, online stores dedicated to B2B markets, and sales between private individuals (C2C) within the e-commerce market.

Overview of the online market in Spain

These are the 5 categories within e-commerce with the highest percentage of purchases:

  • Fashion accounts for 78% of eCommerce revenues in Spain.
  • It is followed by beauty supplies with 66%.
  • Electronics with 56%.
  • Furniture and household appliances with 51%.
  • Finally, toys with 49%.

The reasons why marketplaces are very popular in the country are the following:

  • 38.3% expressed that the existence of opinions and information from other buyers influences their final decision.
  • 36.3% say that the convenience of shopping from home is also important.
  • On the other hand, 36% argue that the variety of brands found on a single platform plays an important role. 
  • Finally, 35.7% of the respondents agreed that the management of orders, shipments, and returns is relevant.
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What are the most popular marketplaces in Spain?

The ranking consists of a pre-selection of relevant markets for online retailers in Spain. Here we share with you 5 of the top marketplaces in Spain, by visitors in May 2024 according to similarweb. 



  • Visits per month in Spain: 119.5 million 
  • Product category: Generic
  • Target region: Worldwide
The well-known U.S. company leads the Spanish e-commerce market in different categories, including clothes, electronics, and more. In 2022, it generated net sales of US$2.5 billion in the country. In terms of product range, is a complete online store, with products covering different categories, such as electronics, toys, furniture, and household appliances.


 #2: El cortes inglés


  • Visits per month in Spain: 28.2 million
  • Product category: Generic
  • Target region: Europe

In the fashion market in Spain, ranks number 2 with 500 million dollars in 2022, representing 5% - 10% of net sales in this category. In terms of product range, is a store, with products covering different categories, such as fashion, electronics, as well as furniture and appliances.



  • Visits per month in Spain: 12.6 million
  • Product category: Generic
  • Target region: Worldwide

eBay, a global leader in online shopping, is a key player in Spain's e-commerce landscape. It provides a space for both individual sellers and businesses to offer an extensive array of products. From rare vintage items and unique collectibles to the newest tech gadgets and fashion pieces, caters to a broad spectrum of interests and preferences, creating a dynamic and bustling marketplace for all.



  • Visits per month in Spain: 10.7 million 
  • Product category: Food and personal care
  •  Target region: Spain
It generates almost all of its sales in Spain and just a small percentage in Portugal. In terms of product range, they cover categories, such as food, personal care, toys, electronics, and more. In 2021 ranked first in the Spanish food and personal care market and recorded a total of more than 300 million dollars in 2022.


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  • Visits per month in Spain: 7.9 million
  • Product category: Technology
  • Target region: Spain

It is an online technology store known for offering the best products in the sector and at the best prices in the electronics and media market. ranks #1 in the technology market with more than $500 million in 2022 and is one of the fastest-growing marketplaces in Spain. Its online store was launched in 2005.

Other relevant players in Spain

There are plenty more relevant e-commerce platforms in Spanish market. This list is only a top level overview. Depending on your target group, your industry, and your sales strategy, other marketplaces like, Privalia, Veepee, Zara, Zalando and many more might be a better fit than the top dogs listed above.

How can 3PL companies like byrd help you?

Optimized logistics are key to the success of an online store. The workload and costs involved in order fulfillment are often underestimated.  And many e-commerce companies dismiss the services of a 3PL company. However, 3PL companies like byrd, detect and fill gaps in your supply chain; our logistics expertise offers solutions that integrate with your business processes.

byrd takes care of your inventory control, from warehousing, picking, packing, shipping, and even returns. Using the services of third-party suppliers streamlines your entire supply chain. It helps you reduce shipping costs, minimize order turnaround times, enter new markets, and many other essential aspects of your business. The main goal is to offer comprehensive and even unique supply chain solutions.  

Working with a 3PL provider is not a service, but a partnership, where both parties seek to be efficient and add value to the supply chain and customer experience.