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The e-commerce market in Amsterdam is very dynamic and thriving. The city is among the leading e-commerce hubs in Europe and has experienced significant growth in recent years. During the first half of 2022 alone, consumers in the Netherlands spent €16.1 billion on online shopping.

In this article, we will briefly examine why having a distribution center in Amsterdam can help your business grow throughout Europe.


The e-commerce market in Amsterdam

E-commerce has experienced significant growth around the world, and Amsterdam is no exception. It is a capital city home to approximately 873,555 people and is known for being a multicultural city with a thriving startup ecosystem and a vibrant entrepreneurial community. 

The city has been a hotbed of innovation in e-commerce, with numerous startups emerging in recent years. This concentration of talent and knowledge fosters collaboration and the development of innovative e-commerce solutions.

Fulfillment in Amsterdam - Why is it important?

It is a capital city located in the heart of Europe and has an excellent logistics infrastructure. This makes it a strategic logistics hub for e-commerce companies. Amsterdam is connected by roads, railroads, and canals, facilitating the transport and distribution of goods locally and across the continent. 

For the Dutch, the customer journey does not end when a customer completes a purchase, the post-conversion customer experience is just as important. This certainly includes fast delivery, which has become the norm in the market, with 90% of domestic packages being delivered within 24 hours.


Taking these details into consideration, delivery efficiency is key to success within the country. Having a logistics center in Amsterdam or close by will allow you to improve the efficiency of your deliveries. Store your inventory close to your customers and reduce delivery times and shipping costs. This can lead to a more positive shopping experience for your customers and increase their satisfaction.

E-commerce in The Netherlands

Despite being a relatively small country, it has a fairly large population, with the country's population increasing to over 17.59 million people in 2022. In addition, the Netherlands has a high Internet penetration rate where 97% of households have access to the internet. Making the country an advanced digital culture provides opportunities to attract online customers.

Not only are they exponents of technology, but the country has also created a favorable business environment with tax and commercial advantages for e-commerce companies. Just to give you a glimpse of the panorama, here are some of these advantages:

  • The favorable fiscal climate.
  • Your private assets are protected from problems that may come up in your operations.
  • English literacy rate of about 92%, this is especially practical from a purely commercial point of view, especially for non-Dutch speaking entrepreneurs and executives. 

This means that there are open trade policies, a stable economy, and a solid legal framework. These conditions can provide you with opportunities to expand and grow your online business. Having a logistics center in the Netherlands could help you reach a broad base of potential customers residing in the area and meet your customers' expectations.  

Guide for Cross-Border E-Commerce in the European Union

To be more competitive and meet the demand for e-commerce fulfillment, e-commerce businesses are looking to improve the shopping experience. Here are two key differentiators that have a significant impact on conversion rates.

  • Having different payment methods is essential for European shoppers. In the Netherlands, the traditional payment method is a decisive point when making a purchase. They prefer to make their payments through iDEAL (a secure direct bank payment system) and not to pay for online purchases by credit card. 
  • Dutch shoppers said they would be more likely to choose a retailer that tries to minimize air miles. And for most shoppers, sustainable packaging is most important when making an online purchase. 

byrd's distribution center, located in the Netherlands, is BIO/Organic certified and has a GNP food license. We work with reliable and recognized parcel companies in the Netherlands which is a significant contribution when it comes to doing deliveries quickly and successfully.

Distribution centers in Amsterdam - byrd

If you are looking for a fulfillment company close to Amsterdam, we invite you to take a look at byrd's offering. We operate a logistics network with fulfillment centers in Europe's leading e-commerce countries, including the Netherlands, to simplify cross-border logistics and provide e-merchants with access to scalable fulfillment services. 

byrd's distribution center in the Netherlands and its proximity to your customers in the Netherlands and Northern European countries allow us to deliver orders quickly, safely, and efficiently to your customers.

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