Amsterdam's e-commerce market is dynamic and flourishing. This European e-commerce hub has seen substantial growth, with Dutch consumers spending €40 billion online in 2023. This article explores why a distribution centre in Amsterdam is key to your business's expansion across Europe.


The e-Commerce Market in Amsterdam

E-commerce is surging globally, and Amsterdam is at the forefront. The capital, with around 918.000 residents, is a multicultural city bustling with a vibrant startup ecosystem and entrepreneurial spirit.

The city has become an epicentre of e-commerce innovation, with numerous startups emerging. This concentration of talent encourages collaboration and the development of pioneering e-commerce solutions.

Fulfilment in Amsterdam - Why It's Crucial?

Amsterdam, at Europe's heart, boasts exceptional logistics infrastructure, making it a strategic hub for e-commerce businesses. Its connectivity through roads, railways, and canals enables smooth distribution of goods both locally and continent-wide.

In the Netherlands, the customer journey extends beyond purchase completion. Prompt delivery is standard, with 90% of domestic packages delivered within 24 hours. Efficient delivery is essential in this market, and a logistics centre in or near Amsterdam can enhance this, reducing delivery times and costs. This leads to a better shopping experience and heightened customer satisfaction.


E-Commerce in The Netherlands

Despite its modest size, the Netherlands has a substantial population, exceeding 17.59 million. With 97% of households having internet access, the country boasts a highly digital culture, offering ample opportunities to attract online customers.

The Netherlands also offers a favourable business environment with benefits for e-commerce companies:

  • The favorable fiscal climate.
  • Protection of private assets against operational issues.
  • High English literacy rate (about 92%), beneficial for non-Dutch speaking business owners and executives.

These factors, including open trade policies, a stable economy, and a robust legal framework, offer chances to grow your online business. A logistics centre in the Netherlands could broaden your customer reach and meet their expectations.

Guide for Cross-Border E-Commerce in the European Union

To stay competitive, e-commerce businesses focus on enhancing the shopping experience. Key differentiators impacting conversion rates include:

byrd's distribution centre in the Netherlands, BIO/Organic certified and with a GNP food licence, partners with reputable Dutch parcel companies, facilitating swift and successful deliveries.

Distribution Centres in Amsterdam - byrd

Seeking a fulfilment company near Amsterdam? Consider byrd. We operate a logistics network with fulfilment centres across Europe's top e-commerce nations, including the Netherlands, streamlining cross-border logistics and offering scalable services to e-merchants.

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