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What do Colli and Collo mean?

Collo defines a loading unit in transport and is used synonymously with the term packaging unit in warehousing and transport logistics. This means that a single package is referred to as a Collo.

The plural of this form is called Colli. Hence, several packages are several Colli.

A pallet, on the other hand, is called a Collo, as are several packages on a pallet. A Collo thus refers to a unit of goods that is transported in one piece. The recipient then often breaks up this Collo and receives individual goods. In simple terms, therefore, several Colli can be combined into one Collo.

Colli and Collo

Why has this term become common in logistics?

The terms Collo or Colli have become generally accepted by transport, logistics, and fulfillment companies for practical reasons. For example, counting in terms of "pieces of delivery units" is much simpler than, stating the number of packages. 

Here is an example;
If 100 pallets are delivered with 500 packages each, it is easier to count 100 Collis than 50,000 (100 x 500) packages.

By that, time can be saved during loading and unloading and consequently increases efficiency.