What Do Colli and Collo Mean?

'Collo' denotes a loading unit in transport and is interchangeably used with the term 'packaging unit' in warehousing and transport logistics. In essence, a single package is termed a 'Collo'.

The plural of a 'Collo' is called 'Colli'. Hence, several packages are several Colli.

Interestingly, a pallet is also referred to as a 'Collo', as are multiple packages on a pallet. A 'Collo', in this context, alludes to a unit of goods transported as a single entity. The recipient often unpacks this 'Collo' to retrieve individual items. Put simply, multiple 'Colli' can amalgamate into one 'Collo'.

Colli and Collo

Why Has This Terminology Gained Traction in Logistics?

In the world of transport, logistics, and fulfilment the terms 'Collo' and 'Colli' are commonly used for practical reasons.

Imagine this: instead of counting 50,000 individual packages across 100 pallets, it's much easier to count the 100 'Collis' consisting of 500 packages each.

This method simplifies the loading and unloading process, making it more efficient and less error-prone