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The welfare of your pet – if you have one – is probably one of your biggest concerns. It can go from pleasing your cat or dog with a treat, to helping it relax and regain its appetite or even relieving it from pain. As you may know, that is also the concern and the mission of Botaneo. If the use of CBD on cats and dogs has been proven within the scientific community, the democratization and commercialization of cannabidiol products for animals are still in their early stage.

Botaneo understood this matter and launched its online offer to provide healthy alternatives to our little companions. Let’s discover together the beginnings of this start-up which aims, today, at the big European markets with the help of byrd.


Botaneo – the benefits of CBD for your pets

In 2019, Daniel Thomas and Pascaline Le Gal, both passionate about animals, launched Botaneo. A strong sensitivity to the condition and welfare of animals, and a lack of effective natural alternatives, are the genesis of the first CBD exclusively for animals brand. 

At the same time, the two co-founders observe the democratization and the relaxation of the laws around cannabis in France and Europe. In addition, new market trends have emerged such as eco-friendly and healthy needs, but also the development of animal rights. They naturally turned to the concept of a CBD brand for dogs and cats, with natural hemp-based alternatives to soothe and relax animals. 

Today, the Botaneo product range consists of soothing CBD treats, a calming CBD oil for dogs and cats, as well as a natural balm for pads. An offer that should be expanded very soon with new innovative products.



From traditional logistics to flexible and automated e-commerce fulfillment

If from the beginning of the adventure, Botaneo’s products were very popular, Daniel quickly realized that his logistic solution was not optimal.

In fact, the online retailer was looking for flexibility and automation to focus on its development. Unfortunately, their logistics partner at the time did not offer a ready-to-use digital solution. The orders were processed manually by the system, which caused errors and forced the Botaneo team to exchange numerous emails with the logistics team.

When you fulfill less than a hundred orders per month, a more “traditional” and manual solution is possible. But beyond this threshold and with internationalization as a goal, it is necessary to opt for a more flexible and automated logistics setup.

After having contacted several providers, byrd appeared to be the best solution thanks to its ease of use, its intuitive platform, its complete offer but also the minimum order volume adapted to startups like Botaneo.



Scalable and customized logistics with byrd

Botaneo was therefore looking for a more scalable logistics solution that would allow the company to continue to grow while keeping track of every step of the supply chain and the ability to intervene at any time. It was also necessary to find a partner capable of integrating their WooCommerce online store so that everything is automated to avoid errors and gain speed.

Eventually, in byrd, they found the ideal partner. byrd’s digital fulfillment solution for growing companies allowed Daniel and Botaneo to save precious time and to be more reactive – reactivity being the key for any growing e-commerce startup, especially in such a changing and competitive environment. In addition to the digitization of the logistic process, Botaneo can count on fast fulfillment and order processing (picking & packing), optimal inventory, and returns management, which is visible and transparent on the intuitive customer dashboard.

Another essential advantage for Botaneo is the possibility to make manual orders, especially for sending to journalists and influencers that can be managed directly via the back-end.

Last but not least, Botaneo’s customers are the most delighted with this partnership with byrd. By using a logistics partner for order processing, Botaneo now offers better shipping conditions to its customers, more options, and lower shipping costs (which also helps the company reduce its costs). On top of that, the automated integration of the shop system eliminates manual errors and therefore offers faster shipping. Some very good reasons for Botaneo’s customers to be delighted.

byrd solution also allows us to be more reactive. Especially for customers who want to change details in their order. We can take over at any time and make the changes quickly, without having to interact with the picking/packing teams manually.

Future projects with an international focus

If the business and legislation of CBD are quite recent in France and Europe, the market is opening strongly and quickly. There are more and more opportunities for business development. For Botaneo, which is experiencing growing success on the French market, the future looks promising and international. In the coming months, the objective will be to develop the brand in several European countries with byrd’s help and its European warehouse network that allows e-merchants like Daniel Thomas and Botaneo, to quickly and efficiently access international storage and expand to new markets. The company will then be able to distribute its products thanks to decentralized storage to get closer to its new target customers while minimizing its costs. 

Moreover, internationalization often means complexity, doubts, and unknowns in the beginning. With byrd and its unique solution, Botaneo can manage all its international logistics with a single partner, which greatly reduces complexity and allows the company to expand in the best conditions.

Thanks to its various logistic warehouses abroad, byrd will be able to support and accompany us in this growth.

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