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Are you an e-commerce merchant looking for a logistics solution to supply customers in Spain? Then you've come to the right place.

E-commerce Market Madrid

With a population of 3.4 million, Madrid is the city with the second-most inhabitants in the EU only tracing Berlin. The metropolitan area of the Spanish capital is home to 6.7 million people. Not only because of this large number of potential buyers Madrid offers enormous sales potential for e-commerce merchants like you. It is also considered the economic center of the Iberian Peninsula and Southern Europe. The second-highest GDP of all cities in the EU also underlines the enormous purchasing power of this market.

Logistics Center Madrid

In addition to its economic and cultural importance, Madrid is the most important logistical hub of Southern Europe. The reason; its central location on the Iberian Peninsula and excellent connections both by air and land. A fulfillment center in Madrid is, therefore, an attractive option for supplying customers in both Spain and Portugal.

Fulfillment in Madrid - Why is it important?

While many online businesses initially serve mainly the domestic market and thus usually start with only one warehouse in that country, growing companies soon realize the need to store their inventory closer to the end customer. 

Particularly for cross-border shipping, e-commerce companies with a decentralized fulfillment setup have advantages over their competitors. In fact, location-based fulfillment has some key advantages over centralized shipping. The reason is obvious, shorter shipping distances have a positive impact on, among others, the following areas:

  • Shipping times
  • Shipping costs
  • Environmental impact
  • Proneness to error

While reduced shipping times, shipping costs and a lower environmental impact can be logically derived, the reduced susceptibility to errors may not seem so obvious. However, because there are potential sources of problems when shipping across national borders, cross-border shipments regularly lead to delivery problems. In addition, shipping over longer distances often involves re-sorting at one or more distribution centers. Each of these stops is a potential source of error. 

Besides allowing you to have your stock stored in geographical proximity to the Spanish e-commerce market, using a fulfillment warehouse in Madrid enables you to conveniently use the services of the most popular parcel delivery companies in Spain. The choice of your delivery partner will have a positive impact on your conversion rate.

Expanding to Spain and Europe - Where to start?

A substantial part of international online retailers who are trying to grow their sales, expansion into Europe begins with the Spanish e-commerce market. For Latin American companies, in particular, this is a logical first step due to language barriers in other countries. For merchants from Africa, Spain is also a popular starting point for expansion into Europe too. In these cases, geographic location plays a crucial role. In both scenarios, a fulfillment warehouse in Madrid is the most popular option to ensure fast and smooth order processing in Spain and Portugal. Once this step has been taken successfully, it will facilitate expansion toward the rest of the continent.

What is e-commerce fulfillment and 3PL?

E-commerce fulfillment refers to the process of order processing for online stores. The cooperation with a 3PL (Third Party Logistics) company, allows you to outsource your entire order processing. This includes all operations from the storage of the products to the packaging and shipping of the orders, to the handling of returns.


With fulfillment companies such as byrd, the entire fulfillment process becomes faster, more 3efficient, more reliable, and more flexible. Especially for fast-growing e-commerce companies, outsourcing logistics is an interesting option to turn shipping from a pure cost factor into a real competitive advantage.

E-Commerce Fulfillment in Madrid

As is true for payment methods, for example, there are regional differences and special features in logistics. In an increasingly competitive e-commerce environment, shipping is becoming more and more of a differentiator. Madrid, in that regard, is anything but an exception. Take a look at the most popular delivery companies in Spain. The right choice here can make or break your purchase. 

Fulfillment Solution byrd

If you are looking for a fulfillment warehouse in Spain, we strongly recommend you to take a look at byrd's offer. The fulfillment company operates a logistics network with fulfillment centers in the leading e-commerce countries in Europe, including a fulfillment warehouse in Madrid. This allows for expansion and cross-border shipping with the least possible effort. For more information, take a look at our website, and please don’t hesitate to contact and talk to one of our e-commerce experts.