Are you an online retailer seeking an efficient logistics solution for your customers in Hamburg and its surrounding areas? You're in the right place.

E-Commerce Market in Hamburg

With a population of 1.85 million, Hamburg is Germany's third-largest city and a significant target market for e-commerce sales. The city's gross domestic product of nearly €119 billion, ranking second in Germany, reflects this potential. Hamburg's strategic location and high purchasing power make it an ideal home for leading online companies like Otto Group, Globetrotter, and Görtz.

Logistics Centre in Hamburg

E-commerce fulfilment from Hamburg is particularly appealing for online retailers due to its robust logistic infrastructure, including the world-famous shipping port and international airport. This infrastructure is vital for companies engaged in extensive EU imports and exports. Combining an attractive e-commerce market with a favourable geographical location, Hamburg stands as a key logistics hub within the EU and beyond. Therefore, utilising fulfilment centres in Hamburg and nearby areas is a logical choice for many e-commerce businesses.

Fulfilment in Hamburg and Surrounding Areas – Why is it Essential?

In 2020, Hamburg saw the founding of around 20,000 new companies and also afterwards the city has been a prospering place for e-commerce businesses. For these and established businesses, outsourcing logistics is crucial for growth and scaling up sales. A strategically placed fulfilment centre in Hamburg can reduce shipping times, lower costs, and lessen environmental impact through shorter shipping distances. A fulfilment location in Berlin, 250 kilometres from Hamburg, can effectively serve much of northern Germany, making it a strategic midpoint for e-commerce retailers targeting a broader German audience.

Expanding to Germany and Europe – Starting Points?

For businesses expanding to German and European markets, seeking logistics locations near international airports is wise. Post-Brexit, many British online merchants have encountered customs issues, leading to extra costs and longer customer wait times. This is also true for merchants from the US, Canada, South America, and Asia. Thus, Germany, particularly Hamburg and Berlin, are excellent entry points into the European E-Commerce Market. Byrd offers options to expand your warehouse network to other vital markets, like France, through our European fulfilment network.

Guide for Cross-Border E-Commerce in the European Union

E-Commerce Fulfilment in Hamburg

Regional logistics nuances are often overlooked by online retailers, presenting a unique opportunity to gain a competitive edge. For instance, the choice of parcel couriers can influence customer purchasing decisions. Familiarize yourself with popular delivery providers in Germany and the preferred delivery methods and payment providers of your Hamburg-based customers.

The importance of Hamburg as a logistics hub is underscored by Amazon’s establishment of a large distribution centre there in 2018, capable of handling over 50,000 parcels daily. Additionally, Hamburg hosts Hermes Europe GmbH, a renowned parcel delivery service.

Fulfilment Solution byrd

Looking for a fulfilment partner near Hamburg? Consider byrd's offerings. We operate a logistics network with fulfilment centres in Europe's leading e-commerce countries, facilitating expansion and cross-border shipping. For more details, visit our website or contact our e-commerce experts.