Your Superfoods founders 2

Kristel and Michael, two ambitious young entrepreneurs, launched Your Super in 2015. Their singular vision? To motivate individuals to adopt a healthier lifestyle without the complexities. They aimed to address the societal challenge of imbalanced diets that lead to tiredness and deteriorate one's well-being. Your Super products are crafted with premium ingredients, ensuring customers effortlessly meet their micronutrient requirements, paving the way for a more vibrant life, empowering them to chase their aspirations and dreams.

From Humble Beginnings to Global Presence

In its infancy, Your Super's offerings were lovingly handmade in their very own kitchen. Flash forward, and the brand has witnessed a meteoric rise, now serving customers across 60+ countries via its digital storefront. Such swift expansion and global outreach posed an inevitable hurdle: efficient logistics.

With the core focus on the brand essence and customer satisfaction, the duo decided to entrust their order shipping to an external fulfilment agency. They anticipated seamless order transition through a bespoke API interface straight from their webshop. Unfortunately, this approach added more layers of complexity, mainly due to the interface's inefficiencies.

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Seamless Integration for Flawless Fulfilment

In a second try, switching to byrd, Your Super finally found fulfilment service equipped with an impeccable Shopify integration - one that's operational in mere minutes and glitch-free. "There are only a few shipping service providers in Germany who understand how modern shop systems are structured. - says Philipp Gronau, Supply Chain Manager at Your Super.

Being based in Berlin just like byrd, coupled with the shared aspiration to evolve as scaleups, has strengthened their collaboration. This partnership with byrd has enabled Your Super to streamline global shipping and effectively tap into emerging markets.

As an e-commerce start-up, we are active on the market with many modern systems. Many fulfilment service providers in Germany are still very conservatively equipped in this respect, as interfaces have to be programmed for a long time and projects have to be announced long in advance. With byrd, we have found a partner who integrated our shop system in just a few minutes and quickly implements projects. With its proximity to the warehouse, its location in Berlin, and its expert service, we have found the perfect partner in byrd.
Philipp Gronau, Head of Global Supply Chain

A Harmonious Union of Two E-commerce Trailblazers

What's intriguing is that byrd, akin to Your Super, is on an upward trajectory. This parallel growth trajectory fosters the discovery of novel opportunities, including simultaneous market expansion. byrd encapsulates the vivacity and adaptability of a startup and the wisdom of a seasoned entity. Their expansive network of fulfilment centres across various nations ensures uninterrupted operations, even amidst unforeseen challenges and heightened demand. This strategic placement not only expedites delivery but also achieves significant cost savings in the shipping realm.


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