If you're working for an e-commerce company and seeking a logistics solution to reach your customers in Barcelona, you're in the right place. byrd has logistics centres in Barcelona, and we're keen to offer you bespoke, seamless fulfilment services.

The e-Commerce Market in Barcelona

With 5.7 million residents, the province of Barcelona alone demonstrates the market's potential attractiveness. Its prime geographical location, near the coast and boasting an almost perfect climate, makes Barcelona a magnet for both national and international talent. Consequently, it's becoming an increasingly popular area for young, rapidly growing companies. As a result, more startups and globally recognised firms are setting up shop in Barcelona, with 21% of these startups focused on the e-commerce sector – a figure that's sure to rise.

Moreover, recent data indicates that the logistics real estate market figures are on the up, suggesting that these incoming startups in Barcelona require storage space for their products.



Fulfilment in Barcelona - Why Does It Matter?

Primarily, because it's a dynamic sector flourishing thanks to the influx and success of e-commerce businesses there. After Madrid, Barcelona is Spain's second-largest city in terms of population. In 2021, a quarter of Spaniards made an online purchase at least once a week. You can expect this number has been increasing in the past years.

Key considerations in Spanish e-commerce include:

  • Free shipping 

  • Delivery time 

  • Parcel tracking

Spanish customers deem delivery times of up to 3 days as acceptable. Meanwhile, 17.5% are happy with a week, and only 2.6% think it's reasonable for deliveries to take longer. Bearing this in mind, having logistics centres in the Barcelona province ensures your products reach your customers promptly and with top-notch quality.

E-Commerce Fulfilment in Spain

In 2023, B2C e-commerce turnover in Spain is back on a positive trend with approximately 30€ billion. Spanish consumers are increasingly turning to online shops for a vast array of items, from electronics and fashion to groceries and home goods.

To meet this demand, numerous Spanish firms offer a variety of services to online retailers. To stay competitive, e-commerce retailers are enhancing their shopping experience by providing more shipping options and diverse payment methods, significantly influencing conversion rates.


With byrd's fulfilment services in Barcelona, your business can meet the purchasing expectations of customers in Spain and across Europe. We collaborate with reputable international and Spanish parcel service providers, ensuring timely delivery to your end customer. We also support effective reverse logistics, offering an easy-to-use returns portal for both you and your customers.

Additionally, we have a logistics centre in Madrid, a city famed not just for its jamón serrano but as a gateway for numerous international e-commerce businesses. Our warehouses in Madrid and Barcelona enable us to offer swift, reliable shipping through nationally experienced couriers to your online customers, while also helping to reduce your shipping costs.

Fulfillment Companies in Spain - byrd

If you're in search of a fulfilment company in Barcelona, consider byrd's offerings. We run a logistics network across Europe's key e-commerce markets, including Spain, to simplify cross-border logistics and provide scalable fulfilment services to e-commerce merchants. Visit our website to learn more about our fulfilment solutions, or get in touch with one of our experts for a tailored quote suited to your needs and preferences.