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When running a warehouse, no matter what sector you are in, having a robust and reliable safety and security system is fundamental. Protecting your employees, supplies, and the building is crucial to operating in a cohesive and well-managed environment. 

In this guide, we will cover how you can ensure both your staff and your building are safe by putting the correct systems and precautions in place, with a specific emphasis on cloud-based security systems that will elevate your physical security. 

Benefits of cloud-based security 

As we will be discussing the various security measures you can put into place through cloud-based providers, it is essential that we first let you into the benefits of using a cloud-based system. 

  • Constant visibility and ability to oversee onsite operations from wherever you are by using a mobile device. 

  • A cost-effective way to back up your data.

  • Ability to detect threats through antivirus software which helps with risk assessments.

  • Able to scale up your cloud-based service if your company grows and you need to house and collect more data.
  • Receive real-time updates and custom alerts for any access events or triggers, which you can monitor and adjust based on your preferences.
  • Customize and schedule visitor access whenever you need to, giving you the full power of who has access to your premises.  

Install cloud-based access control and video security systems

Having cloud access control systems is one of the easiest and most accessible ways of ensuring your warehouse is safe. Cloud-based access control allows the security manager to oversee and manage onsite visitors, granting and denying access accordingly. This is great for smaller warehouses that may not have the funding for an expensive video surveillance drive, as all data will be backed up onto the cloud instead. 

Aligning your cloud-based access control with a video security system lets you see who is entering the building and monitor any suspicious behavior. In contrast, your cloud-based system can be used to grant access. This is one of the best ways to combine your on-premise security with a digital tool that enables you to keep an eye on the warehouse from wherever you are.

Ensure cyber and physical security teams are coordinated

When delegating the best security strategies, you will likely run into a stump where both your cyber security and physical security are running into similar problems. To combat this, it is advisable that you coordinate your teams and create a strategy that reflects both their needs and any loopholes that weren't being met before coordination.  

This will allow your cyber and physical security teams to share information with each other and put plans into place that benefit both sides of security, making the warehouse the most protected possible. 

Integrate cyber security policies into cloud-based physical security hardware

Having cloud-based security measures in place to help manage and oversee physical access points and physical security measures allows you to check into these venues without physically being there. However, it would help if you put cyber security policies in place to ensure your cloud-based security doesn't get hacked, which would leave someone else in charge of access control and other data.

A policy that should be introduced is that those logged into the cloud-based server should only use this cloud for work and security purposes. There is no need for anyone to store other information about social media, photo sharing, or emailing in this cloud. 

You should also set out a straightforward procedure for backing data up. For example, in most cases, data can be automatically backed up to your chosen cloud server with multi-factor authentication. 

This leads us to our next point of authentication, and you should have authentication steps that surpass just a username and a password. Using authenticators such as pin codes sent to verified users' phone numbers and biometrics. 

Leverage integrated data to automate security operations through cloud-based platforms

Having security automation in place is essential to guarding and protecting data and operations which are pursued through your cloud-based platforms. Automation processes that recognize if there is a cyber threat occurring are vital, and this detection should be able to happen without a security manager having to intervene within the cloud. 

Use a cloud-based antivirus solution to ensure that your cloud-based platforms are protected from any viruses or malware that can occur. 


Owning a warehouse that houses exclusive data, information and resources can be a huge responsibility. But putting management safety and security measures in place that are aligned with cloud-based security is a great way to go about it. 

Whether you choose to use a cloud-based security system or not, merging your physical and cyber security systems will significantly benefit you. This will ensure that you have a strategy in place that reflects your security needs as a whole, further making it a more robust model. 

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