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On July 1, 2023, Radial, a leading e-commerce and omnichannel fulfilment solutions provider and part of bpostgroup, and byrd, a pioneering technology-driven logistics platform, embarked on a strategic collaboration to elevate fulfilment services in Germany. Radial now oversees the fulfilment operations for a range of byrd’s customers, operating from a dedicated hall within its warehouse in Halle. The result is a fusion of expert logistics resources and cutting-edge technology to optimise the e-commerce fulfilment journey.

The logistics scale-up byrd offers e-commerce retailers access to a European fulfillment network with 25 warehouses, Radial being one of them now. Radial's profound logistics experience of more than 30 years and automation expertise, offers a pathway to scalability and exceptional service levels to online merchants. The fulfillment expert is amongst others serving brands like Calvin Klein and Gymshark. Radial's status as a premier 3rd Party Logistics provider (3PL) specialising in B2C fulfilment, coupled with its e-commerce acumen, make it a standout in the industry. This, together with Radial's pragmatic and results-driven approach, aligns seamlessly with byrd’s ethos. 

Alexander Leichter, CEO of byrd says: “This is a win-win partnership: byrd is gaining access to premier e-commerce logistics expertise, elevating our capacity to provide merchants with unparalleled fulfilment quality, with increased levels of automation and speed. At the same time, Radial can leverage byrd's technology and state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System to unlock new growth opportunities."

How merchants and consumers will benefit from this partnership

This collaboration reflects Radial and byrd's commitment to continually enhancing the e-commerce experience for businesses and consumers alike. It will provide byrd’s customers with an even higher level of fulfilment services drawing on innovative technology solutions, including byrd’s proprietary WMS (Warehouse Management System). Halle's warehouse staff will be able to meet the high demands of byrd’s customers immediately and seamlessly thanks to the systems' smooth implementation and ease of use of the Warehouse Application, eliminating the need for intensive training and reducing onboarding time for warehouse workers by 80%, therefore allowing for faster scaling during times of high shipping volumes. With byrd’s intuitive Warehouse-App, the staff receives orders in real-time and gets detailed packaging instructions for every order, making it very intuitive to use and enabling seemless e-commerce operations. 

byrd's customers will benefit from an improved order fulfilment service, characterized by top-notch performance metrics such as reliable on-time dispatch with late cutoff times, impeccable fulfilment accuracy as well as maximum inventory accuracy, all metrics which Radial is known for. In that context, the location in Halle in Central Germany where the partnership is starting with 8000 sqm of space, offers the best conditions since it is located only 15 minutes from main carriers' hubs. As a consequence, it facilitates late cut-off times in the late afternoon to further improve delivery times for online shoppers. 

New growth opportunities for Radial

For Radial, this collaboration presents promising possibilities for increased revenue and an expansion with existing and potential customers. byrd will serve as a supplementary sales channel for Radial, enabling access to untapped customer segments such as fast-scaling D2C brands. 

"By collaborating with byrd, a tech-centric entity, we open the doors to highly specialised quality services in new customer segments while bolstering our technology expertise, first in our site in Germany and later across Europe. This partnership is poised to elevate customer experience within the fulfilment industry to remarkable levels."

Gateway to future expansion

The collaboration between Radial and byrd envisions a proactive exploration into the realm of automation within the fulfilment landscape in Germany to strengthen operational quality and efficiency. While the current collaboration is centred around Radial's site in Germany, it is a stepping stone for the expansion into additional countries and locations across Europe. Looking forward, partners will consider expanding their cooperation outside Germany in new markets. This synergistic partnership combines the strengths of both entities: technological innovation, logistical prowess and global reach, promising a ground break in the industry.



About byrd

byrd offers an e-commerce fulfilment platform to online shops, enabling them to outsource and control their entire logistics on a global scale with a few clicks. The cloud-based logistics software integrates with leading e-commerce systems, which offer maximum automation and transparency. The scaleup was founded in 2016 in Vienna and uses its software to connect more than 500 online retailers with fulfilment centres and shipping services across 7 European countries, which, thanks to its network of 25 warehouses, is the largest of its kind in Europe. Their logistics network enables rapid growth and brings online merchants closer to their customers, reducing delivery costs and shipping times. As a result, it helps retailers to turn shipping into a competitive advantage.

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About Radial

Radial, a bpostgroup company, is a global expert in e-commerce fulfilment solutions. For over 30 years, premier brands worldwide have confidently partnered with Radial to deliver their brand promises, anticipate and respond to industry disruption, and compete in a rapidly evolving market. In Europe, Radial provides a full range of fulfilment services, including unloading, transportation, warehousing, order picking and personalization, packaging and shipping, and handling returns and claims, alongside support from transportation representatives. With Radial services, brands confidently deliver the high-value customer experiences required today. Radial’s expansive network of fulfilment centres in the US, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, UK, and Poland, the most advanced solutions in automation and robotics, as well as warehouse management, flexible transportation services and advanced omnichannel technologies help clients meet increasing consumer expectations and maintain market competitiveness. As part of the bpostgroup, Radial has the strength and stability to invest alongside customers, an established network in the last-mile delivery community, and a commitment to sustainable solutions. Radial is agile, flexible, scalable, and focused on its customers’ business objectives. 

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