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Berlin, Germany - 25th May 2023, Parcel Perform, the leading Data and Delivery Experience Platform for e-commerce businesses worldwide, has announced a partnership with byrd, the largest interconnected European E-commerce Fulfillment Network in Europe with 25 warehouses located across the Continent.

This partnership provides byrd with access to industry-leading logistics data that standardize logistics events across every carrier in use, and is available in 36 of the world’s most common languages. With better data quality, byrd and its e-commerce merchants can zoom in on granular details to identify existing and potential logistics bottlenecks as they can seamlessly access real-time data for all their orders via byrd's cloud-based fulfillment software. This allows all parties to monitor deliveries and access tracking information instantly within a single software solution. 

This approach simplifies the daily e-commerce operations process for byrd’s clients to respond quickly to end-consumer order status queries and vastly improve the delivery experience, and customer satisfaction. Through this partnership, E-commerce retailers and D2C brands in Europe can manage their end-to-end supply chain needs more efficiently and cost-effectively while focusing on delivering a world-class delivery experience.

“As a European fulfillment platform that works with multiple carriers across the region, it's crucial that we have a reliable partner who is capable of handling the highest degree of data complexity and delivering insights that help our customers make informed decisions and improve operational efficiency. We have also noticed an increased interest from fast-growing D2C brands in Parcel Perform's solution to elevate their post-purchase experience, a factor that greatly influenced our decision for a partnership,” says Petra Dobrocka, CCO and Founder of byrd.

With byrd's vast network of logistics providers and its proprietary technology, e-commerce retailers can easily switch between carriers based on the actionable insights they get from Parcel Perform. This level of flexibility enables merchants to optimize their e-commerce operations, which is especially important in the current macroeconomic environment.

For Parcel Perform, this partnership expands opportunities to revolutionize the logistics industry with a data-first approach in an industry-leading data platform.  “Our goal is to improve the logistics ecosystem in Europe for all stakeholders, including logistics service providers, merchants, carriers, and end-consumers. To achieve this, we collaborate with industry leader byrd, to create a better, more flexible, and more efficient logistics experience. We want to give retailers and D2C brands a distinct advantage in today’s highly competitive e-commerce landscape and make every order count.” says Dana von der Heide, COO and co-founder of Parcel Perform. 

The partnership between Parcel Perform and byrd signals a significant step towards improving e-commerce logistics solutions in Europe. By integrating their platforms and sharing their expertise, both companies aim to help D2C brands elevate customer experiences and optimize logistics operations. The partnership also demonstrates how innovative technology can transform the e-commerce industry and create new opportunities for growth. Both companies will continue exploring further feature developments for innovative e-commerce logistics services.



About byrd

byrd offers an e-commerce fulfillment platform to online shops, enabling them to outsource and control their entire logistics on a global scale with a few clicks. The cloud-based logistics software integrates with leading e-commerce systems which offers maximum automation and transparency. The startup was founded in 2016 in Vienna and uses its software to connect more than 400 online retailers with fulfillment centers and shipping services across 7 European countries which, thanks to its network of 25 warehouses, is the largest of its kind in Europe. Their logistics network enables rapid growth and brings online merchants closer to their customers, therefore reducing delivery costs and shipping times. As a result, it helps retailers to turn shipping into a competitive advantage.


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Petra Dobrocka 
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About Parcel Perform

Parcel Perform is a team of logistics and data experts setting the bar for the delivery experience from pre-checkout to returns. The Data and Delivery Experience Platform provides brands, marketplaces, and logistics service providers with unprecedented end-to-end delivery visibility, real-time tracking, analytics, and customer engagement opportunities. By harnessing the power of data and integrations, Parcel Perform helps businesses improve customer lifetime value, lower logistics costs, and advance customer service operations, fuelling growth and expansion. The Parcel Perform platform integrates with over 1,015 carriers worldwide and processes more than 100 million parcel tracking updates daily. For more information, visit


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