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Valencia is not only a beautiful city with its famous paella, stunning beaches, and impressive architectural complex such as the City of Arts and Sciences, but it also has a strategic geographical location that benefits the e-commerce and logistics sector. Its accessibility to key markets in Spain and Europe makes it a vital hub for businesses in these industries.

Explore some of the benefits your e-commerce business can gain by establishing a logistics center in Valencia. Working with a fulfillment service provider that offers access to a warehouse close by is another potentially beneficial option. In order to obtain a competitive edge in logistics to access local and regional markets, this article will provide you with comprehensive insights into why Valencia and its surroundings are an ideal location for your business's logistical needs.


The e-commerce market in Valencia

With a population of 792,492 inhabitants, Valencia is positioned as the third most populated city in Spain and has much to contribute to the boom that is transforming e-commerce in Spain. It is among the Spanish cities that contribute the most to the growth of e-commerce in Spain, surpassing the Spanish average spending of 560 euros per person


Like many other cities, people in Valencia prefer to shop from the comfort of their own homes. Around 84% of Valencian consumers already do so. The reason is simple, e-commerce offers the possibility of shopping anywhere, anytime. This is possible thanks to the technological infrastructure that allows businesses and consumers to easily access the Internet and use e-commerce platforms. The widespread availability of high-speed connections and widespread access to mobile devices facilitate online shopping.

Fulfillment in Valencia - Why is it important?

Its coastline in the east of Spain makes it an important connection point between Europe and the Mediterranean. Transport connections can help you easily access local and regional markets and other countries in Europe. Valencia has excellent transport connections, including a major seaport, a developed road, and a rail network. In addition, Valencia's airport offers international connections, making it easy to ship products globally.


Geographic location is key to delivering your orders, and so is climate. Mild winters and warm summers play an important role in allowing logistics operations to run efficiently and without the complications that can arise in areas with extreme weather conditions. So rarely, you will have to deal with extremely cold or hot conditions that could affect the quality and integrity of your products during transportation and storage.

Valencia has stood out in the e-commerce arena for its access to efficient logistics services in terms of warehousing and distribution. The growing demand for more efficient logistics solutions that meet customer demands has led the logistics sector to establish small distribution centers strategically located close to the city. These logistics centers are designed to speed up the delivery of orders to the consumer in a reduced time. As a result, online retailers are adapting and optimizing their logistics networks to meet the changing demands of e-commerce, prioritizing fast and reliable delivery to improve customer satisfaction. To meet customer demands and capitalize on the advantages offered by these logistics centers, third-party logistics providers like byrd have forged strategic partnerships with trustworthy parcel delivery companies in Spain, guaranteeing fast and punctual order deliveries.

E-commerce in Spain

The e-commerce sector is growing in Spain, and this is due to multiple factors, the most important of which are its geographical location, easy access to the Internet, and, above all, the work being done by the government to promote support programs for companies.

Guide for Cross-Border E-Commerce in the European Union

In Valencia, the Spanish government and local programs often offer tax incentives and benefits to attract online e-commerce businesses and encourage economic development. These support programs are intended to help businesses grow; reduce the amount of taxes, and reduce the initial costs of setting up and operating your business, allowing you to allocate more resources to the expansion and growth of the company. The tax incentives and benefits offered by the government are a strategy that can help your business grow and have a competitive advantage in Spain. 

When it comes to expanding your business in Spain, achieving efficient fulfillment in Madrid and optimal fulfillment in Barcelona, as well as Valencia is essential. These strategic locations will serve as the backbone of your operations, enabling continuous growth and ensuring your business thrives in the Spanish market.

Distribution centers in Valencia - byrd

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