Address validation is a vital aspect of streamlining logistics and fulfilment operations for e-commerce businesses. In this article, we offer a concise overview of address validation, its benefits, and how to utilise it within byrd’s dashboard.

What is Address Validation?

Address validation (AV) is the process of ensuring that a given postal address is accurate, complete, and deliverable. This usually involves checking the address against a database of valid addresses to ensure it exists and adheres to postal standards. It helps reduce errors in shipping and ensures efficient delivery of packages. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of this feature.

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Five Benefits of Address Validation

AV is highly significant within the e-commerce sector due to its broad impact on operations and customer experience.

  • Accurate Deliveries: Ensures that orders are shipped to the correct addresses, reducing the risk of delivery errors and associated costs.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Prevents delays and frustrations caused by failed deliveries or shipments sent to incorrect addresses, improving customer experience.

  • Cost Efficiency: Reduces expenses related to undeliverable packages, return shipments, and re-shipments due to incorrect addresses.

  • Fraud Prevention: Helps identify potentially fraudulent orders by verifying the authenticity of shipping addresses provided by customers.

  • Compliance: Ensures adherence to postal regulations and carrier requirements, minimising the risk of penalties or fines for non-compliant shipments.



How to Use the Address Verification Feature on byrd's Dashboard

Our feature is accessible to all customers, offering the flexibility to enable or disable it within the Settings menu. Explore the interactive demo below to get a sneak peek of how the byrd dashboard works and how to activate the AV function.

Additionally, written instructions with step-by-step guidance are available below for your convenience.


1. Within the dashboard, you can activate the AV feature by going to the Settings section, then navigating to Configurations, and selecting the Shipping Settings menu. Click on the option indicated below to enable it.

2. When a new shipment is added to the byrd system—whether manually, through CSV import, or shop import—the address is validated against the official database.

3. If the address is valid, the shipment proceeds smoothly through the release process.

4. If the address is invalid, AV stops the shipment in the Created Tab. At this point, the customer has several options:

    • Modify the address (upon which AV will re-validate it),
    • Retry the address validation, or
    • Proceed with releasing the shipment despite the invalid address (this action is logged).


In summary, address validation is becoming an essential tool for e-commerce companies aiming for operational excellence and customer satisfaction. By ensuring the accuracy, completeness, and deliverability of postal addresses, address validation enhances logistics and fulfilment processes.

The byrd dashboard allows online businesses to seamlessly integrate this crucial function into their operations. With its straightforward activation and intuitive functionality, AV becomes not only a necessity but a cornerstone for optimising e-commerce logistics and delivering exceptional customer experiences.