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In the dynamic world of logistics, where efficiency and precision are paramount, women are making their mark and reshaping the industry. At byrd, we aim to be at the forefront of logistics and supply chain solutions, and women hold a variety of crucial roles in logistics, contributing to the company's success. Their responsibilities span the entire logistics spectrum, from senior positions to hands-on roles. Here we introduce you to some of the remarkable women who make up the byrd team and offer a glimpse into their careers, inspirations, and key contributions to the field of logistics.

Let's delve into the journeys and accomplishments of some key members of the byrd team, spanning different positions and perspectives within the logistics sector.

The women of byrd: Diverse roles and responsibilities

The logistics industry plays a key role in facilitating the transportation and management of goods and services between different locations. It encompasses a broad spectrum of activities and procedures aimed at ensuring the seamless flow of products, raw materials, and information within the supply chain. To effectively manage this complex operation, it is essential to have a competent and highly qualified team in charge. Here are some of the women who contribute to this process:

Lucrezia, a key account manager originally from Italy, is a reflection of byrd's diverse talent. Fluent in several languages and unique mentality, she focuses on cultivating strong client relationships. She monitors key performance indicators, manages escalations, and plays a key role in client satisfaction and growth.

Petra, the co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer, oversees multiple departments, including marketing, sales, partnerships, and account management. Her journey into logistics began with her experiences in the food and grocery delivery industry (at Foodora and Marley Spoon), where she witnessed the critical role of logistics in business economics and customer experience.

Madeline is a Senior Partnerships Manager, who plays a vital role in fostering external collaborations and adds another dimension to byrd's logistics prowess. She bridges the gap between the company and external partners, creating alliances that drive business growth and enhance brand visibility.

In the supply chain solution team, we have Sabine, another team member who has found her passion in logistics. As Head of Supply Chain Solutions, she acts as a crucial interface between the commercial and logistics teams, focusing on finding the best customer solutions and optimizing processes.

Jennifer, a German-American who moved to Berlin from New York four years ago, serves as the Head of Sales for the Southern & Western European market, which includes countries like France, Italy, and Spain. In this capacity, she offers guidance and support to her team members, helping them secure new customers and expand the company's impressive client base.


From Unexpected Paths to Thriving Careers

Lucrezia's transition from a career in content and localization to logistics was more serendipitous than planned. Nevertheless, she quickly discovered a newfound appreciation for the field's tangible impact and the invaluable lessons it provided. Currently, she ensures customer satisfaction and retention by focusing on KPIs like churn monitoring, health checks, business reviews, and the Net Promotion Score. Moreover, she focuses on the biggest clients generating the highest revenue and acts as a trusted partner and advisor to help the accounts grow over time. 

Jennifer is the Head of Sales for the Southern & Western European markets, and she made a significant career shift from the fashion industry to logistics. This transition was, as she describes, an "unplanned and pretty drastic change." Her decision was guided by her belief in the industry's continued growth and the allure of working on an international scale. The shift to software and e-commerce logistics opened doors to collaborations with forward-thinking brands, adding excitement to her career. Embracing change and adapting to a new industry is a testament to her resilience.

Projects and achievements within byrd

At byrd, the journey into the field of logistics has been marked by diverse challenges, remarkable accomplishments, and impactful projects for several key team members. These remarkable individuals at byrd have faced challenges head-on, demonstrating resilience, adaptability, and a commitment to excellence. Their accomplishments and contributions to the logistics industry showcase the diverse talents and dedication within the company, making them integral to byrd's continued success.

Madeline played a pivotal role in forging collaborations with external companies in the e-commerce sector. She proudly supported byrd in expanding its product offerings through strategic partnerships and integrations (co-seller, MIRAKL integration, Tradebyte integration, and many more).

For Jennifer, the drastic change from the fashion industry to logistics presented its unique set of challenges, including adapting to a new industry and building expertise in software and e-commerce logistics. Accomplishments include managing three country teams, launching two markets, and contributing to byrd's overall growth.

For Lucrezia, her career transition brought challenges and uncertainties, but within a mere three months during her trial period, she skillfully turned a turbulent situation into an exceptionally positive one. Her accomplishments included nurturing strong customer relationships and generating significant revenue while also softening escalations and supporting customer expansion efforts.

Achievements and Future Outlook

The women of byrd have achieved remarkable milestones. Whether it's nurturing client relationships, expanding into new markets, building strong partnerships, unlocking seamless fulfillment or even guiding the way in revolutionizing e-commerce logistics, their contributions are driving the company's success. 

For the future, byrd expects to continue to grow, and opportunities for growth, career progression, and continued diversity are on the horizon. Logistics is tough and can cause a lot of headaches, we know that, and in Sabine's blunt words ''logistics can be brutal, but it also offers endless potential for optimizations and improvements - that's what I love about this field''. That's why we are always looking for ways to keep growing and renewing our services. By having a team of dedicated professionals breaking down barriers, setting new standards, and shaping the future of the industry, we grow. Their diverse roles, impressive achievements, and commitment to inclusion serve as a source of inspiration, not only within the company but also in the wider logistics community.